Sahil Sharma

Co-Founder GoldenCircle

In a 5 year period, there are 20 quarters. To be successful and happy, you need 10+ good quarters. Some people and companies may have 10 good quarters continuously followed by 10 average quarters and for some it could be a mix of both. But at the end of 5 year period, all that is needed is 10 good quarters.

Ravi Iyer

Head- Sales Reliance Jio

Sahil.. A good discussion can be had on this. My take is, every human life is designed to have success intertwined with struggle that will enable him/her to succeed. One has to win over the struggles to taste the success. If I have to put a percentage, one struggles for 30% of life to achieve success. Ofcourse success is relative and defined differently for different people. For some the 30% happens pretty late and for many it happens pretty early in life

Augustus D'Souza

Founder and CEO @ Clergo (

Interesting way to look at quarterly progress.

Himandhu Upadhyay

Growth Marketer Nojoto


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