Sahil Sharma

Co-Founder GoldenCircle

In the era of Internet, figuring out how to transform online connections into meaningful business opportunities can be daunting. We're in a world where most people are introverts & their approach of walking up to a random person inbox with a "Hi, my name is… " isn't going to work anymore. To find common ground with strangers in this scenario requires an icebreaker that would be relatable contextually. What do you think a perfect ice-breaker would be?

Manish Manglani

Founder Salubrity Nutritional Ventures LLP

Networking meets are the only way out and that too physical not virtual. The warmth one gets in one to one interaction is just not possible virtually. My strong belief. And my belief comes from my success story in my career. My growth started immediately after I attended a networking meet as an invitee, organized by RAI in 2012 and I have never missed an opportunity to be a part of numerous RAI meets , paid or unpaid, after that event. I have 2000 plus contacts on LinkedIn but hardly I am able to use those for any connect. On the contrary, e-connecting via direct email through a reference is the other way out. We have to keep reminding ourselves, " There is always a human behind the machines , and not vice-versa " Regards ,

Dr Anu B

Designing Your Life Coach,Tedx Speaker,Bestse - Digital. Success Hub

Interesting question, I'm listening My two cent. Sharing your thoughts, knowledge around a topic you can add value to and yes acknowledging and appreciating the ideas and thoughts of others can definitely help

Vaishali Singh

Advisor | Director P-ton | Lokaa Entertainment PLC

Quoting their views or area of Interest from their latest post/ interview/ social media outing / profile etc could be useful as an ice breaker. Everyone wants to be seen and heard

Haresh Raichura

lawyer Supreme court of India

"Hi, I have just joined your circle. Is there anyway I can contribute to your circle?" The above is just one example of an icebreaker.

Ajay Thakur

CO-Founder GoldenCircle

Process MN backend Parsee @sahil @ajay see if process functions calls backs!

Radha Devaraj

Manager l UX Writer l Executive Coach HotelHub

Stating the purpose/context makes it authentic.

Ajay Thakur

CO-Founder GoldenCircle

This is cool! Keep nesting through @sahil @ajay @samir @ravi

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