Ajay Thakur

CO-Founder GoldenCircle

Jack of all, Master of many 👻 Building GoldenCircle 🤸🎯 Screen Time: tensorflow nextjs reactnative nodejs figma sketch awscloud MindsDB Coda. आपत्ति से ही आविष्कार का जनम होता है।

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CO-Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer


March 2020 - Present

Building Social for great minds along with Sahil. Zooming-in and out between design, engineering & Product.



August 2018 - Present

#NoCode Platform for the creative Class Amazon Alexa Voice Award Winner - 2019

Head of Product


July 2018 - September 2019

Head of Developer Experience


July 2017 - July 2018

Improved developer experience for 80% Fortune 500 companies

Founder & CEO

Burffee (Formely Bameslog)

May 2014 - May 2017

Solo developed world's fastest CMS

Ajay Thakur

CO-Founder GoldenCircle

The most boring part of running GoldenCircle is to retrain machine learning models to predict the insight/micro context. As humans, we're so chaotic and random, it takes a different kind of patience and pre-mental prep, for going through thousands of insights and fixing wrong ML predictions. Hopefully, with a few more retraining exercises, depending on prediction accuracy, the manual labour should go way! soon. Are all these efforts worth it? 150K+ times GoldenCircle members were looking for specific Insight to consume and learn from, in the last few months via Micros, it makes sense for us to make Insights context prediction more accurately regardless of how Insight was posted, with or without context Input. Once the model is accurate enough, This will allow us to generate a Knowledge Graph for each GoldenCircle member, making the feed more relevant and personalized. The best part is 99% of insights posted are async. What we and our members have built over 1 year: Only social media platform built in India with highest user retention vs all the short video noise and red rooms. The majority of new social platforms built in India, lose 100% of users on DAY 15, we stand strong with similar retention to Twitter and hopefully we will achieve similar retention to Instagram in the next 1-2 years. A few days back we pushed the OTA update and fixed all major and minor bugs on iOS & Android, except for Android phones by few Chinese Brands, their custom ROMs are just, low quality and overwrites the core Android experience. Our core focus for the next few quarters, pure craftsmanship - pixel by pixel, improving relevancy/personalization, close selected most requested features and scale🚀 PS. Since we ship new improvements every alternate day for the next major release, I will share those complied improvements separately, including Ace Membership, as we're building more muscle and superpowers to it! Special Thanks to all early adopters of Ace Membership, for allowing us to keep building GoldenCircle and the future of Social 2.0. Thanks for not being a product!

Ajay Thakur

CO-Founder GoldenCircle

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. You may never know what the end result might be, but you have to be patient with and believe in yourself and the people you are working with. Risk-taking is so common throughout the journey that it becomes a habit. On this path, motivation and support plays an essential role, no matter what the source might be. Some days it might be your love for what you’re doing, other days your family, or if you’re lucky, your team will be a major source of motivation. You will have to think, plan, and discuss for more than 16 hours a day. For weeks, months or even years on end until you achieve your startup goal. Your dreams no longer become the priority, but as a means to help others achieve theirs. Forget about family life and mom serving you breakfast everyday. You may have to move to the best place for your dream startup and hope that all your hard work will, in time, fall into place. Your first “office”, no matter how small, will be where you put your heart to your craft. These small achievements will keep you focused and motivated. You may be overjoyed with your achievements and results. But some days, you think to yourself, “Everything I’m doing here is taking me away from my loved ones, and where I belong.” You don’t remember how your loved ones looked when you last met them. At some point, you may even start hating this money game and start to wonder if the journey was worth your while. These thoughts will persist, but somehow, your the adrenaline from the ride will take over. You know it’s part and parcel of the entrepreneurship journey. You have to grit your teeth and distance yourself from everyone to become someone that defines who you are. You and your craft are one. The entrepreneurship journey is not for everyone. But it brings along with it some amazing experiences. You meet brilliant minds that think out of the box. Your dreams no longer become the priority, but as a means to help others achieve theirs. That is why they will join you. No matter how many times you fail, you need to learn from your mistakes. So get up. You will shift your focus from generating revenue to building a team and product that helps others. You come to realise that chasing money just isn’t what life is supposed to be. The latter is what will truly define your happiness and success in the end. One thing you learn is that you will never know how much revenue you will make tomorrow, much less what your life will be in the next 5 years. You might be struggling and working hard, but never stop believing in your dream. If being a successful entrepreneur was easy, everyone would do it and secure their future. It’s not just about the idea or the amount of investment you put in. It’s about the unrelenting dedication on your part. No matter how many times you fail, you need to learn from your mistakes. Learning is an endless process, the more you learn, the more you grow. So get up. If you ain’t growing, give yourself pep talks. Neither Elon nor Gates built their products in a day. They took a decade. The formula is simple, but hard. Never give up. But please don’t let your journey stop you from having fun. Have late night parties, call your families. Most importantly, take a break from time to time. Keep things in perspective. You never know when you are going to die. Work hard and play hard. This is what the entrepreneurship journey is to me, and I’m proud to be called an entrepreneur.